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2014 was a stellar year. I played more festivals than I ever have before, I made friends that will be a part of my life forever; and I got to visit more places this past year than any year to date.  All in all it was the best year for me musically yet! Many thanks to friends, fans, venue owners, and promoters. Only once in 2014 did a promoter cheat me out of money. (Make sure you get a signed contract if you play Hoopla In The Hills). Everyone else was very professional and a joy to work with. I only hope that 2015 will be just as wild and fun as 2014.

My main goal for 2015 is to *finally* get a real album out. I've been recording in my living room and burning CD's from my computer for too long. I have enough songs, just not enough monetary resources (I am a musician, and therefore, do not make good money :). It would cost at least $3,000 minimum to record and produce a CD. I usually never ask for handouts or for a single dollar. However, if any of you were to be so kind, feel free to donate any amount of money by clicking the donate button on my Merch page. All you need is your bank card number & money is safely transmitted via PayPal (I do not see card numbers). I would gladly send you a Smilin Joe CD, coffee mug, fridge magnet, or anything I can do to show my appreciation!! Much thanks and I love all of you who listened to me play on stage, around campfires, on YouTube, and my crappy living room projects. I just want to get my music out into the world.

There is no other music artist - or character in general - like Smilin’ Joe.

A native of the Upper Ohio Valley, Smilin’ Joe has been described as a “hippie icon” of the U.S. Swing arms at any music festival in the Eastern United States and you will likely hit at least a few people who are personal friends of Smilin’ Joe.

This widespread notoriety is the byproduct of decades spent  sharing tunes with fellow music lovers and musicians during travels from show to show, primarily in the tri-state region around Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more recently, across the nation. His rise from fan to featured act came by way of the grassiest of grassroots journeys, an ongoing venture that promises to break new ground in 2015.

8120 Coon Club Road 
Medina, Ohio

One of my favorite festivals!! Flat Camping, Fishing, and very kid-friendly!! Really looking forward to this one. Bands TBA but save the date!

Spring DeadGrass
​Medina, Ohio



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