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Get Yer Dancin' Shoes Ready

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"Hippie Famous"

There is no other music artist - or character in general - like Smilin’ Joe.

A native of the Upper Ohio Valley, Smilin’ Joe has been described as a “hippie icon” of the U.S. Swing arms at any music festival in the Eastern United States and you will likely hit at least a few people who are personal friends of Smilin’ Joe.

This widespread notoriety is the byproduct of decades spent  sharing tunes with fellow music lovers and musicians during travels from show to show, primarily in the tri-state region around Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more recently, across the nation. His rise from fan to featured act came by way of the grassiest of grassroots journeys, an ongoing venture that promises to break new ground in 2014.

Woodlands Tavern

Columbus, Oh

Your favorite weekend just got better!! Put on all 8 of your dancing shoes because Joe, Emily & the Lost Cat Ramblers, Joe & Shannon of the Recipe, and IZZY & Co. will be burnin down the house! 



Your Music Fest @  Frontier Ranch

Pataskala, Oh

$30 Tickets for camping & music all weekend!